25 June 2017
JACOB JENSEN T-1 telephone
KORG KAOSSILATOR - Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer
SANTIA - Travels in time
Jacob Jensen Telephone 80 DECT
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KLEIN+HUMMEL O 300 D (Left) Add to cart
Our aim with the O 300 D was to strive for nothing less than perfection in developing the best compact active reference monitor possible, with accurate, uncolored sound, superb transient response, and ideally shaped waveguides.
The O 300 D is a monitor which draws upon all of Klein + Hummel’s years of experience in monitor design, which has been fine-tuned through extensive computer simulations and countless listening tests. It is indeed unique in its class, for it does in fact deliver superlative sound absent of colorations, precise bass response, picture-perfect dispersion patterns, and a stunningly real soundstage with remarkable image focus and depth.

The price is valid per Piece and not per Pair

Attention !!! left monitor, housing painted

0.00 €
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Gewa Tuner Fire Stone Clip-1 Add to cart
•Tuning range: A0(27.5Hz)-C8(4186Hz)
•Clamp-on chromatic tuner
•Digital LCD display, illumination, with tone indicator
•Tuning mode: Chromatic,Guitar,Bass,Violin & Mandolin

•Calibratable 435-445 Hz, accuracy +/-1 Cent
•Weight including clamp and battery: 50 g
•Included 1x Coin cell lithium CR2032, also suitable for CR2025
0.00 €
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Genelec 8040APM 2-way Bi-Amplified Monitoring System Add to cart
Boasting performance comparable to much larger systems, but in a compact package, the bi-amplified 8040A is ideal for use in many situations where a wide frequency response is needed but space is limited. Uses include nearfield monitoring, project/home studios, workstations, broadcast and TV control rooms and mobile production vehicles.

(priced per unit!)

888.00 €
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Marrakesh by Barbara Lucas
"Marrakesh" Digital single by Barbara Lucas
ISRC GR-VM1-11-00011
©2011 Valentino Music Entertainment

After a lot of collaborations with recognized artists of Greece and worldwide scene and appearances in the greatest European music-halls, the Greek-Cypriot origin violinist Barbara Lucas conveys the knowledge of her classical music education in the needs of present time. With her completed studies on classical violin, she continues to seek new sounds exploring the possibilities of a 5-string electro-acoustic violin. Influences from blues, fusion, hip-hop and ethnic music combined with vocals and dancing reveal a spectacular presence full of energy.


©2011 Valentino Music Entertainment
0.99 €
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Tascam PT-7 Add to cart
TASCAM PT-7 combines chromatic tuner - metronom and memo recorder, Tuner: High-speed chromatic tuner, Calibration option, Oscillator out function, 8 musical scales, Metronom: 30-300 bpm, Internal speaker or headphone output, Six time signatures, Recorder: built-in microphone, Loop and slow down playback without changing the pitch, 20 minute recording time, General Specifications: Custom Backlit LCD display, Powered by AA battery or optional PS-P520 adapter, Flip stand on rear panel, Battery life approx. 10 hours (without backlight) / 4 hours (with backlight), Dimensions: 149 x 63 x 25 mm, Weight: 149 g

129.15 €
123.00 €
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SET FOR RENT - P.A.System for Music Ensembles Add to cart
Concert-quality sound.
Music Productions.
Electronic Music Studio.
Natural Sound P.A.system.
Sound engineer & Technical Support.


1230.00 €
(including VAT 23 % )
M-Audio Axiom Air 61 Add to cart
Πρωτόκολλο Σύνδεσης USB
Τύπος Πληκτρολογίου Hμι-βαρυκεντρισμένο (ζυγισμένο)
Έκταση (οκτάβες) 5
Aftertouch NAI
Υποδοχή Πεταλιού
Pitch Bender / Modulation NAI
Ελεγκτές (faders, sliders κ.α.) 51
Μνήμες 128
Οθόνη NAI
Συνοδευτικό Λογισμικό Avid Pro Tools Express (με iLock) και Ignite
Οδηγοί PC Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate (32, 64), Windows 8, Pr
Οδηγοί Mac Max OS X 10.6.8, 10.7, 10.7.5 , 10.8
489.54 €
388.00 €
(including VAT 23 % )
Vicoustic Square Tile
Ειδικά σχεδιασμένο πάνελ για απορρόφηση κυρίως μεσαίων και υψηλών συχνοτήτων. Τυποποιημένες διαστάσεις 60 Χ 60 για εύκολη τοποθέτηση σε ψευδοροφή.
Είναι διαθέσιμο σε 3 διαφορετικά χρώματα.
233.70 €
(including VAT 23 % )

Composition & Orchestration by Laoura Gini
Violin , Viola : Valentino Beikof
Cello : Kostis Theos
Voice : Irini Tsirakidis
Acoustic & Electric Quitar : Giannis Papadakis
Piano & Percussions : Laoura Gini
Voice : Pan Kaperneka
Caval, Ancient Pipe : Pan Kaperneka
Jembe: Areti Miggou
Ney, Ring Daf : Pan Kaperneka

©2014 Valentino Music Entertainment
15.00 €
(including VAT 23 % )
MARSHALL MS 2 Add to cart
The MS-2 is the ultimate in portable battery/mains adaptor operated micro amps, packing a full 1 Watt of Marshall tone into a tiny case measuring just 14 x 11 x 6cm. This mighty micro Marshall half-stack has switchable Clean and Overdrive modes. A single Tone control provides full focus of bass to treble.
39.36 €
32.00 €
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